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All About Yohimbe Bark Extract and Weight Loss

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yohimbe review1 All About Yohimbe Bark Extract and Weight LossYohimbine HCL, the extracted active ingredient of yohimbe bark, has long been touted by body builders as an effective supplement to reduce fat, especially in stubborn, hard to lose areas. Its ability to arouse the central nervous system and increase circulation of norepinephrine and epinephrine leads to the release of the body fats found in adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is especially concentrated in the midsection of men and the backside and thighs of women. Once these body fats are released, they are quickly removed from the body, a process which is most effective on an empty stomach or with exercise.

The stimulant effect of yohimbine also helps to reduce appetite and increase energy levels, an effect that is especially useful on a lowered calorie diet. Athletes who use yohimbe bark extract, work out harder and longer, increasing overall exercise levels and losing weight faster. Yohimbine taken alone will help fire up your metabolism, but when combined with exercise, the effect is magnified.

Yohimbe for Women

In 1991, twenty overweight women were placed on a 1,000 calorie diet. Half of these women were given 5 mg yohimbine four times a day, while the other half were given a placebo. At the end of the three week treatment period, the women in the yohimbine group had lost 62% more weight than the placebo group. The “Israel Journal of Medical Sciences” published the study. While research on yohimbe for weight loss is still ongoing, the literature so far supports its potential to aid in weight loss, at least over the short term.

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Yohimbe for Men

 All About Yohimbe Bark Extract and Weight LossIn addition to its weight loss properties and ability to maximize workouts, Yohimbe bark extract is also a vasodilator renowned for increasing blood flow to the sexual organs and for enhancing sexual performance. In fact, this is the most popular use of Yohimbine HCL. Since 30 minutes of sexual activity can burn as many as 200 calories, this yohimbe “side effect” can lead to even more weight loss, while improving overall quality of life. Although it is most often advertised for men, yohimbine also acts as an aphrodisiac in women.

Yohimbe Dosage

It’s best to trust the science and start with the dosage that has been shown to be successful, which is 20 mg of yohimbine per day, divided into four equal doses. Always choose yohimbine HCL, rather than the yohimbe bark, as this is the pure active ingredient without any of the potentially harmful bark alkaloids. Since yohimbine can increase adrenaline, talk to your doctor before using it. If you are sensitive to stimulants and experience any mild yohimbine side effects, such as anxiety or insomnia, try reducing the dosage to better suit your body chemistry or avoid taking it close to bed time.

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